Heritage services

Our patrimonial services, aimed at individuals or administrations, have as their objective the knowledge, dynamism and value of heritage.

At Anoia Patrimoni we offer services tailored to your needs in the conservation, research and promotion of the historical, cultural and archaeological heritage as we are specialists: historians, archaeologists and communicators.

We offer the following services:


  • Patrimonial accompaniment

    Heritage, to be understood and valued, needs people to explain it; approaching it to the reality of the people who have to discover it.


    Our heritage support service aims to bring heritage to the general public, with speeches and specific tools for each type of public: senior, family, school, etc.

    We move to the patrimonial space and accompany the visitors by making them experience a new experience of discovering their own history.

    In this sense, we guarantee the numerous experiences we offer, as well as specific products created for special occasions.

    Visits are available in Catalan, Spanish, English and French. Check availability.

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  • Reserve center
    Service aimed at the promotion of heritage and dedicated to those people and institutions that own the visitor heritage that want to manage, in a centralized and coordinated way, their visits. The perfect and indispensable complement for good heritage support.


    We manage your communications via telephone and telematics, while coordinating the various derivative elements: coordination of visits and accompanying, economic management, scheduling, etc.


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    • Elaboration and revision of contents
      Knowing the heritage is, like most, a new knowledge. But in order to reach the general public, communication and diffusion tools are necessary. It is also important to review it periodically since, occasionally, elements and aspects may appear until now, unknown and that can bring not only a deeper knowledge, but also a new experiential value.

      This service shows several options, each of them customized to the needs of each client, complementary between them and, also, individualized in their execution.

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    • Monographs of local history

    • Monographs of patrimonial elements

    • Publicity and advertising publications

    • Websites and Social Networks

    • Press releases

    • Didactic materials

    • Audiovisual materials, multimedia and new technologies

    • Signage and billboard


  • Advice on heritage management
    Heritage management is a complex task involving various factors: economic, advertising, personnel and knowledge. From Anoia Patrimoni we offer a comprehensive advisory service in this regard offering solutions for economic maintenance and obtaining grants and subsidies, solutions for the promotion of heritage and also preservation and recovery tools.
  • Management of heritage facilities
    At Anoia Patrimoni we have the necessary experience to carry out the integral management of patrimonial elements: heritage support, openness, publicity… making heritage visible is our reason for being and we are specialists.Gestió d’equipaments patrimonials